o as in eternal

impulse filmmaking, an involuntary inclination impelling the sudden creation of a film.
Tuesday Market, Kreuzberg, misty morning and a single orange yearns for freedom….

The figures move sullenly around the market.
looking down at the distant asphalt.
The weather has shifted to grey.
Traffic moves erratically
forming fleeting constellations
amid the ashen shroud.
On the market stalls the fabric rips
as colours mass and ooze through the greyness.
The hybrids are trying to be oranges and trying to be grapefruits.
The pomegranates are nervously priming, pulling the pin.
The clementines are being geo-located.
One orange is restless, see how it trembles,
it yearns for freedom and identity, free from the bunch.
All it takes is a little momentum.
The orange senses adventure.
The orange strives for freedom…
But the enlightened attract followers
wheeee, wait for us, wait for us, we are with you, you you you.
But the orange knew freedom lay only in solitude.
It was time to voyage further,
where no orange had been before.
I must leave you now, said the orange to the limes.
Remember, i am the one who went before you
into the great unknown
a place in space
where i am the only orange
and violet is the only violet
and green is the only green
to exist eternally in the solitude of space.